Extra Curricular Activities

Clubs & Sports

A wide variety of clubs meet after class hours under the supervision of a teacher. These clubs offer students the opportunity to develop talents and interests they have and to acquire new ones.

Whole Year Offerings

  • Archer
  • Ballet – Girls & Boys
  • Taekowndo
  • Pottery Club

First Term Offerings

  • Performing Arts Club
  • It-Girl Club
  • Oil Painting Club (Beginners)
  • Mental Maths Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Academic Wizard
  • Robotics Club

Second Term Offerings

  • Academics Wizard
  • Robotics Club
  • Filipino Club
  • Table Tennis Club
  • Do-It-Yourself Club
  • Chef Masters Club
  • F1 Society
  • Volleyball Club
  • Science Buddies
  • IBA Choir

Third Term Offerings

  • IBA Choir
  • Chess Club
  • Darts Club
  • Oil Painting Club (Advanced)
  • Young Historians
  • Book Club
  • Biochemisics

Please inquire from the Registrar which Clubs and Sports are available for the year/term.