About the School

The International British Academy (IBA) was founded as a school in November 2001, to provide a British education for English-speaking students of all nationalities from age three to seventeen. The school started with just 3 classrooms and 35 students.  The school received its recognition from the Philippines Department of Education (DepEd) for its preschool, primary school and high school in early 2006.

The school believes that while striving for academic excellence, it is crucial to bring out what is best in each child.  The competent, dedicated and caring teachers guide students to develop their full intellectual, creative and physical potential with goals of fostering self-esteem, independence, intellectual curiosity and moral character.

The school’s policy is to keep class sizes small (15 to 25 students in primary classes and 15 to 30 students in secondary classes).  Students are introduced to specialised teaching in core subjects: Mathematics, Science and English starting in Year 3.  In addition, specialist teachers instruct students in Music, Art, ICT and Physical Education, from Year 1 to Year 12.  Mandarin is required starting in Year 3 and continues to be a compulsory subject to Year 8.   All classes from Nursery to Year 1 are provided with Assistant Teachers.

The school strictly enforces the English Only Policy (EOP) on campus in order to foster interaction among the different nationalities.  This policy further enhances the learning of English for non-English speakers.

All classrooms are full air-conditioned making the environment conducive to learning.  Technology is widely used in all classes with each classroom provided with a multi-media projector.  A dedicated ICT laboratory, multi-media services and internet connection are in place.