School Fees

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About Our School Fees

At INTERNATIONAL BRITISH ACADEMY, enrollment is convenient for both parents and students. Our fees are all-inclusive; providing students all their required necessities for the entire school year. This includes textbook rental fees (both imported and local books), workbooks, and their essential school supplies (materials for class projects not included). This enables students to concentrate and learn more effectively, and allows parents to focus more on supporting their children. We do things differently to make learning better for our community. IBA Kami!

1. The school fees are paid before the start of each term or school year and different payment schemes may be availed of.

2. Textbooks for the main subjects are loaned to students for their use during the school year, for which the students are charged a rental fee. The rental fee is included in the miscellaneous fee. In addition, foreign students will be required to pay a refundable book bond to cover for damaged books.

3. No post-dated cheques will be accepted.

4. A Provisional Receipt will be issued for cheque payments. Once cleared by the bank, an Official Receipt will be issued.

5. Students enrolling after the start of the term are required to pay the full term’s fee.

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