Homeschool Programme

We all want what’s best for our children.

  • Instead of just allowing your children to learn… how about teaching them to love learning?
  • Instead of just maximizing their potential… wouldn’t you like them to be a positive influence in their communities and the world?
  • Instead of just instilling success… what about inculcating best efforts that lead to excellence?

We believe that these are just some of the benefits of homeschooling.

It would be a privilege to come alongside you as you make IBA Homeschool your helpline. You don’t have to do it alone.

In this light, we would like to inform you about everything you want and need to know regarding homeschooling and what the IBA Homeschool offers.  We invite you to schedule a free orientation with our coordinator available on most school days. Please feel free to e-mail to do so.

Note: IBA’s Homeschool programme currently covers Kinder to Year 6 only.

Homeschool Orientation

The Homeschool Orientation is an introduction to homeschooling.  Its goal is to help you decide whether homeschooling may be the right choice for you and your family.  It will give you an overview of the IBA support system.

Open Curriculum

The IBA Homeschool has an open curriculum.  This means that the parent/facilitator determines the books and topics covered including the amount of time spent on each subject to engage the student’s learning process, enabling them to improve, broadening and deepening competence. It is designed to address the unique learning styles and individual needs of students.  You will be assisted in your choice of curriculum to ensure the coverage of the Philippine Department of Education (DepEd) learning competencies.

You have the option to adapt the same curriculum that the normal academic programme uses.  The curriculum consists of British-based English and Literature, Singapore Math, Singapore Science, British History, Philippine History and Government, Filipino, Microsoft iAcademy for ICT and Religious Education.  Doing this maximizes the support we can give you.

IBA Clubs/Activities

The IBA Homeschoolers are welcome to engage in weekly after-school activities to enhance and further develop their interests and talents. It fulfills the requirement of DepEd for non-academic subjects such as Music, Arts and PE. It also becomes a venue to immerse with other students in the conventional school.  The club offerings differ for each term.

2015-2016 Offerings:

Years 3-6 Chess Club; Chef Master; Young Historians; Mental Math Club; Science Buddies; Book Club; F1 Mathematics Society; Dance Troupe; Volleyball Girls; Basketball; IBA Choir; Oil Painting Club; Filipino Club; Table tennis; Academic Wizards; Scouting; Tae Kwon Do; Ballet; Piano

Reception – Year 2 Fun with Faith; Young Readers; Arts & Crafts; Junior Historian; Junior Chefs; Artisan; Little Movers; Scouting; Tae Kwon Do; Ballet

Diagnostic Test and Year End test

Once you submit all the requirements to the Registrar, you may pay the one time registration fee and schedule a diagnostic test.

A year end test is required to validate progress and learning.  It is given at the end of the school year.  It may be scheduled once all requirements are fulfilled (portfolio submission, payment of tuition fees, return of rented books and accomplishment of clearance).


After the result of the diagnostic test is out, you are ready to enroll. Our programme has a flexible enrollment schedule.  For families with more than one child enrolled in the programme, the second child onwards gets a 50% discount on tuition fees.  You begin to have an all year round access to our homeschool coordinator, and IBA’s English, Science and Math subject coordinators to assist you with challenging lessons.

Homeschool Basics

This training module will help to better prepare you with your homeschooling before you begin.  It covers organization, teaching techniques, grading and portfolio making.  The module will help you simplify your homeschool life to bare necessities.

Homeschooling is not for everyone. But for those who have the time, the patience and the diligence to teach and educate their children, the IBA Homeschool welcomes you!