Academic Programmes

The Academic Programme

The school’s work programme is based on the National Curriculum of England and Wales which has been specially adapted to suit the requirements of our students. It is made up of three core subjects:  English, Mathematics and Science.  Where deemed to be of benefit to our students, adaptations are made to the curriculum. As an example, the content of the Mathematics course is based on the Singapore programme, renowned for its effectiveness.

In addition to the core subjects, the programme also consists of seven foundation subjects:  Art, Information and Communications Technology, History, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education, and Foreign Languages (elective).

Filipino, the national language is also an integral part of the curriculum.  The International British Academy will adapt the studies within History to encompass the development of the Philippines.

Religious Education is one of the seven foundation subjects.  The International British Academy is Christian in outlook and mission.  The programme includes the teaching of Christian values, which are acceptable to all major religions.  The school’s programme also includes a study of other major religions, for the more senior children.

The Physical Education programme is composed of varied physical activities.   These activities will develop the students’ strength, stamina and agility but will also build confidence, patience, teamwork, cooperation, discipline and sportsmanship.  In addition to dance and calisthenics, the programme involves swimming practices, basketball, soccer, volleyball and badminton.  It is planned to extend the variety of activities being offered.

The teaching staff is given regular training in the revisions within the National Curriculum.

The curriculum also meets the requirements of the K to 12 of the Philippine Department of Education.  A photocopy of the full description of the National Curriculum is available to all new parents upon request.  Please see the relevant Deputy Headmistress.

Class Levels

Age of Child IBA Year Levels Philippine Class Equivalent
3 Nursery N/A
4 Reception 1 N/A
5 Reception 2 Kindergarten
6 Year 1 Grade 1
7 Year 2 Grade 2
8 Year 3 Grade 3
9 Year 4 Grade 4
10 Year 5 Grade 5
11 Year 6 Grade 6
12 Year 7 Grade 7
13 Year 8 Grade 8
14 Year 9 Grade 9
15 Year 10 Grade 10
16 Year 11 Grade 11
17 Year 12 Grade 12

International Courses

An adaptation of the British GCSE courses form the core of the academic programme offered by IBA in Year 9 and 10. It is a two-year curriculum programme which is recognized worldwide. The GCSE courses are usually taught to students aged 14 to 16 years and the resulting qualification provides a foundation for higher level courses, such as A and AS Levels, the North American Advanced Placement programme, the International Baccalaureate(IB) and the Advanced International Certificate of Education. The British GCSE is equivalent to the local class High School 3 and High School 4. In addition this programme is complemented by other successful curricula such as the Singaporean Mathematics course.

K to 12 Implementation

International British Academy has reviewed the year level designations to ensure that the K to 12 programme is implemented at the school in a manner that is beneficial to all of our students and does not disrupt the current success of the school’s already advanced academic curriculum. The table indicating class levels represent the changes that were reflected as of 2012-2013 when the programme’s implementation began.