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A Message From Our Headmaster – March 27, 2020

Good morning to parents, guardians, students and teachers.

Before anything else I want to send out a heartfelt thank you to parents and guardians who have stepped in to assist our teachers in guiding our students through the difficulties of online teaching. We appreciate your patience and your flexibility in fulfilling the difficult role of being caring parent and teacher at a time when we have the added obstacles of anxiety and uncertainty. I have no words that could encompass the gratitude I extend to our teachers who continue in their roles as educators in such difficult circumstances, while at the same time caring for their own families in this stressful situation for all of us.

I am very mindful that students and parents are at times battling with the load of work expected of students. To this end I have recommended to all teachers to use the coming week, as we head towards the Easter break, to ease off on the work load. To use this coming week as a time for consolidation and where teachers will be available for clarifications and revision if necessary of topics and concepts already dealt with. Teachers may also give fun enriching activities for students relevant to their subject areas – but no new work will be given. Where tests/quizzes have already been set – these will continue as scheduled by the teachers.

I hope that this “cooling off” period will allow families to catch up where necessary and for parents to just be the loving reassuring parents that our students truly need at this time. Please continue to cooperate with our teachers, please help to make their task a little easier and let us all pray for a return to normality soon after the Easter break. God bless you all, stay at home and stay safe!