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IBA Science Students are Encouraged to Become Agents of Innovation

IBA Science Students are Encouraged to Become Agents of Innovation

International British Academy is a school that aims to develop its students holistically so that they become young adults who are academically competent, creative, resourceful and most importantly, who know how to love and respect nature and the environment.  To achieve this the school ensures that the students are exposed to different activities that can support the attainment of these goals for their development.

Each month of a school year is devoted to a specific subject where students are given different activities to do to celebrate the importance and relevance of that subject.  This September was National Science Month which was celebrated with the theme “Materealize, Synthesizing Ideas. Extracting Knowledge. Forging Science Students as Agents of Innovation”.

The theme inspired both  teachers and students to apply the skills learned in their Science lessons and put these skills to work in various projects and activities demonstrating that it is not only enough that we acquire the knowledge from the books that we are using but to relate whatever we have acquired to our daily lives.

Teachers prepared activities for each year level to demonstrate and apply their learning through different creative projects. In relation to this, teachers made sure that the students used recycled materials to focus their attention on the environment by converting normally discarded objects into more useful items. Here is the list of the activities undertaken by each year level.


Reception1: An egg mosaic using coloured eggshells to decorate their caterpillars.



Reception 2: A CVC animal booklet using recycled magazine pages.


Year 1 & 2: Animal crafts using recycled containers.


Year 3 & 4: Egg carton toys and accessories made from beads and magazine pages.





Year 5 & 6: Improvised bags using old jeans.


Year 7 & 8: Using recycled plastic soda bottles as containers for herbs.


Year 9 & 10: Creating interesting plant containers by cutting and painting plastic soda bottles.

The various winners in each category were recognised at a special awards assembly held on Friday, October 9th.


It is hoped that the activities during Science Month inspired our students to become more concerned about the positive impact that recycling can have on our environment.