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Students from IBA have excelled in national and international competition in diverse academic disciplines.  Just recently three of our students received medal status in the International Teenagers Mathematics Olympiad held on November 11th.  Alianjecon Otero in Year 6 was awarded a bronze, Siyan Chen in Year 8 was awarded a silver medal and Hyo Jin Kim in Year 11 was awarded a Bronze medal.

From left to right: Alianjecon Otero, Siyan Chen and Hyo Jin Kim

In addition in the Association of Science and Mathematics Educators of Philippines Private Schools 7th Regional Math and Science Wizards  held in October our students received the following awards:

Mathematics Grade 8:  Hayron Tanate received first place.

Hayron Tanate

Mathematics Grade 8:   Siyan Chen received third place

Siyan Chen

Mathematics Grade 11:   Hyo Jin Kim received 3rd place

Hyo Jin Kim

Mathematics Grade 12:   Eun Jin Choi received 5th place

Eun Jin Choi

Science Grade 4:     Essa Alnoon achieved 1st place

Essa Alnoon

Science Grade 9:      Joseph Alidon achieved 5th place

Joseph Alidon

Science Grade 12:      Boram Kim achieved 2nd place

Boram Kim

The Extemporaneous Speech was dominated by IBA with Julienne Lim in 2nd place and Alexei Delon 1st place.

Alexei Ginete and Julienne Lim

In addition all of the above-named students qualify for the 4th National Battle of Maths and Science Champions to be held in January.