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IBA Students Help Philippines to 7th in World Ranking in the SuperTMatic International Mental Mathematics Competition

Towards the end of the school year 2015/2016 the school’s Mathematics Department received the pleasing news that IBA students had excelled in the SuperTMatic International Mental Mathematics Competition.  This competition is now celebrating its 10th anniversary and in 2015/2016 a total of 224 924 students representing 48 different nationalities participated.

The students from IBA exceeded expectations in the ranking that they achieved – especially if compared to the number of students participating in each age category.  Here are the students who deserve special mention for their outstanding achievement:

(They are ranked in order of their Year Level in 2015/2016)

Constantine J. Obong in Year 2 achieved 14th place out of a total of 24 830 participants in his category.

Hyo Seong Kim in Year 5 achieved 4th place out of a total of 39 780 participants in his category.

Hayron Arwyn Tanate in Year 6 achieved 11th place out of a total of 36 920 participants in his category.

Lily Aliah N. Macarambon in Year 7 achieved 5th place out of a total of 37 700 participants in her category.

Hyo Jin Kim in Year 9 achieved a remarkable 2nd place out of a total of 29 640 participants in his category.

Many other students from IBA were able to reach a ranking within the top 200 of the tens of thousands of entrants in each category.  There is no doubt that the students of IBA helped place the Philippines 7th in the world ranking of the top 20 countries in this competition, beating such countries as China, India, USA and France.

Of course much of the credit and accolades must also go to the hard-working teachers of the Mathematics Department under the guidance of the subject coordinator, Mr. Randolph Balleras, for making sure that our students are equipped with the necessary skills to succeed at an international level.


Standing back row: Mr. Randolph Balleras, Hayron Tanate, Lily Macarambon, Ms. Mary Rose Manalac, Hyo Jin Kim  Standing centre: Constantine J. Obong  Seated: Ms. Jhude Purificacion, Ms. Cathy Carcia