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It’s Book Week at IBA!

It’s Book Week at IBA!

It may be an old standby piece of advice that has been offered by every teacher since schools were first established but the piece of advice is as valuable now as it was back then: Read! Read! Read!  The student that is widely read and reads with interest and passion is a student that will excel in virtually all subject areas.  Unfortunately in today’s age of instant entertainment and gratification supplied by social media and a variety of technological gadgets, reading as an interest and a hobby has to compete with so much else.

However, to encourage reading IBA holds its annual Book Week as it strives to encourage and cultivate an interest in reading.  From Monday, October 5th to Friday October 9th the school will be exhibiting displays from three major suppliers of a variety of reading material.  Exhibits of their most current titles are being displayed by National Book Store, Scholastic and Goodwill Bookstore.  These stalls encourage a great deal of interest among the students as can be seen in the collage of photos taken during the first few days of the Book Week.

book week collage

During the course of the week classes will tour the various stalls, parents are encouraged to visit and to purchase books for their children, students, parents and teachers will participate in “read aloud” activities and , for the younger students, there will be interaction with some of the mascots associated with some of the book suppliers.Leading research paper assistance from go positively exceptional academic page.