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What You Need to Know About COVID-19 (FAQs)

Good morning IBA family and friends! I am sure that every one is aware of the suspension of classes at all levels from today until March 14th. Of course, none of us can be sure that if the situation gets worse that this suspension will be lifted. Firstly, I would like to ensure all of you that the time will be used to clean and sanitize both the Aguinaldo and EYC campuses. Secondly, I am also very aware that there is a lot of false information circulating regarding COVID-19. I have attached to this post some information sheets that deal with some of the more general concerns that our families might have. These are based on the resources of the Centre of Disease Control (CDC) in the US updated as recently as last night. If you wish to access additional information the site is

Finally, you are encouraged to ensure that the students are following a structured day and using a good deal of their time to do school work. Teachers will be in contact with their students using the various online resources available to them to ensure that work continues. Students will be allowed to come to school to collect books from lockers if necessary.