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World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ Day

All over the world on October 5th teachers and the contribution they make to education is recognised.  It was also a very special day for the teachers of IBA as well.  A surprise special assembly was held during the last hour of the school day.  The students of the SSG made a concerted effort to ensure that every teacher was recognised by awarding each with a banner and and a sometimes humorous award.  There were also some touching moments when special song numbers were sung by the talented members of the SSG as well as some spoken tributes to the teachers.


teacher collage

Some of the teachers await the start of the special assembly in their honour.

The collage below shows some of the highlights of the SSG assembly recognising World Teachers’ Day.

ssg collage

The PTA also went to great efforts to reward the teachers for their dedication and each teacher received a specially inscribed cake to mark the occasion.  The collage below shows the representatives of the PTA with a sample of the cake given to each of the teachers as well as some of the teachers proudly displaying their banners.

collage 3

Mrs. Sarte and Mrs, Fuedan of the PTA with one of the cakes presented to the teachers together with Carl Woodhead of the SSG accompanying Ms. Eyna Naraval and Ms. Yollie Iya proudly displaying their awards.

After a memorable assembly the teachers were invited to partake in a meal provided by the school with additional refreshments provided by the SSG.  During the meal the members of the SSG were cordial hosts who even provided musical entertainment while the teachers enjoyed their meal.


The deputies and head enjoy a light-hearted moment during the special assembly as well as some moments from the meal with happy teachers and gracious SSG hosts and entertainers.

World Teachers’ Day 2015 will be warmly remembered by all of the teachers for the appreciation shown by students, parents and the school’s management.visit web site