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IBA Student Awarded Prized ASEAN Scholarship

The International British Academy is proud to announce that one of its Senior High School students, Randmar David M. Balleras, has been selected to join a small group of outstanding Filipino scholars who have been awarded places at top secondary schools and pre-universities in Singapore. The scholarship awarded to Randmar and sponsored by the Singaporean[…]

IBA Commemorates Armistice Day

IBA is one of the few schools in the Philippines that officially recognises the importance of Armistice Day which falls on November 11th each year.  This is a day recognised in many countries across the world as the day that brought an official end to the First World War.  It is a day that the[…]

IBA Students Excel in the Eye Level MUN Competition

Eye Level is an institution that offers educational support to parents who are looking for avenues to further develop their children’s academic skills. Their program offerings include Eye Level Math and Eye Level English. Guided by the philosophy of taking small step approaches towards building on students’ present skills and individual coaching, teachers aim to[…]


In June 2015 Regina Coeli Legaspi, at present a Senior High School student in Year 11 at IBA, applied to be a participant in the Philippine delegation to the ASEAN Member countries Youth Exchange project. This year the National Institution for Youth Project (NIYE) collaborated with the National Norikura Youth Friendship Centre based in the[…]

Class Suspensions and Revisions to Examination Schedule

Owing to the suspension of classes at all levels in Cavite for both Monday, October 18th and Tuesday October 19th the school has had to make some changes to the exam schedule to ensure that all exams are written by Friday, October 23rd without placing undue pressure on the students and without extending into the term[…]

IBA Science Students are Encouraged to Become Agents of Innovation

International British Academy is a school that aims to develop its students holistically so that they become young adults who are academically competent, creative, resourceful and most importantly, who know how to love and respect nature and the environment.  To achieve this the school ensures that the students are exposed to different activities that can[…]

World Teachers’ Day

All over the world on October 5th teachers and the contribution they make to education is recognised.  It was also a very special day for the teachers of IBA as well.  A surprise special assembly was held during the last hour of the school day.  The students of the SSG made a concerted effort to[…]

It’s Book Week at IBA!

It may be an old standby piece of advice that has been offered by every teacher since schools were first established but the piece of advice is as valuable now as it was back then: Read! Read! Read!  The student that is widely read and reads with interest and passion is a student that will[…]

IBA Swimmers Excel

On Saturday, October 3rd the Philippines Aquatic Sports Coaches’ Association held an inter-school swimming gala in which a large number of schools participated.  IBA was represented by Dominic Sobocinski, Antonella Lanza and Nicola Lanza.  The school is proud of all three of our students who participated. The Lanza siblings once again established themselves as talented[…]

IBA Students Reveal Spirit and Ambition during Spirit Week and Buwan ng Wika

During the last week of August the school held its traditional Spirit Week.  This is a fun-filled week where each day is attributed a theme and the students and staff are encouraged to dress accordingly.  This year’s themes ranged from “Future Careers”, to “Neon”, “Go Team” and culminated with traditional Filipino dress to mark the[…]